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Koalas and Kangaroos, Oh My!

Koalas and kangaroos are two of the favorite things to see when visiting Australia. These two animals are like mascots for the great down under. Many people have written about how the koala and kangaroo are different but let’s examine how the koala and kangaroo are similar.

Koalas and kangaroos both live in Australia.
Koalas and kangaroos [...]

Koalas Losing Habitat Quickly

Koala Bear, originally uploaded by cewoldt.
BULLDOZERS rolled in to some of the last remaining koala habitats on the South Coast yesterday, marking the start of what police fear could be a divisive logging operation.
After reading yesterday that we made up some ground in this fight for suitable habitat areas with the 1200 fodder tree [...]

Slow down for Koalas!

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that in excess of 5,000 koalas are killed each year from land clearing, dog attack and being hit by cars. In the state of Queensland approximately 1,500 Koalas are admitted to hospital each year. Thirty to forty percent of admissions are estimated to be due to road related incidents, the [...]

How much can a Koala Bear

Koalas are often called “koala bears” – this is not correct. The Koala is not a bear but a marsupial. The closest relative of koala is a wombat, which also has cute and cuddly appearance, but it’s never called a “wombat bear”

Mobile phones to eavesdrop on koalas

Queensland scientists are using mobile phones to unlock the mystery of why koalas bellow.
The distinctive deep grunts and belows of the male Koalas sound in Australian forests in spring, but researchers still don’t understand what they mean.
Noises from koalas on St Bees Island off the coast of Mackay, in central Queensland, are now being relayed [...]

Koala Fingerprints

The Koala is one of the few mammals that has fingerprints. In fact, koala fingerprints are remarkably similar to human fingerprints; even with an electron microscope, it can be quite difficult to distinguish between the two. As shown by Henneberg & als from the Department of Anatomical Sciences, University of Adelaide, koalas have very human-like [...]

Aboriginal names for koalas

The word “koala” comes from the Dharuk word gula. Closely related words appear in other Australian Aboriginal languages, including:

In the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Aborigines called Koalas by the word Cullawines
Near Sydney, Aborigines called Koalas by the word Koolahs
In the Murray Region, Aborigines called Koalas by the word Karbors
Other Aboriginal names for Koalas [...]

Koala’s pouch

The koala, like the kangaroo, has a pouch that is in the front. However, unlike the kangaroo, its opening is oriented to the rear. This is usually found in burrow and aquatic dwelling animals, such as the wombat, as opposed to arboreal (lives in trees) animals, such as the koala.
So how does this type of [...]

Save the Koala Day! (September 26th)

Happy Save the Koala Day!
You can help save the koala by supporting the Australian Koala Foundation. You can do this by donating money, buying products or fund raising. Come on, you know you want to help these little cute critters. Who better to help? =)
If you raise $200 or more for the AKF, you will [...]

Free Koala Webpage Backgrounds

Right click on the graphic of your choice.
Save image as…(name it whatever you want — something you will remember.)
Then when you make your webpage, simply add it as the background (tiled).
The graphics will not have the white box outline around them.