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Aboriginal names for koalas

The word “koala” comes from the Dharuk word gula. Closely related words appear in other Australian Aboriginal languages, including:

In the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Aborigines called Koalas by the word Cullawines
Near Sydney, Aborigines called Koalas by the word Koolahs
In the Murray Region, Aborigines called Koalas by the word Karbors
Other Aboriginal names for Koalas [...]

Five Random Koala Facts

Koalas are very good swimmers.
Koalas prefer to stay relatively close to their home range where they feel comfortable.
The closest relative to the koala is the wombat. It is believed that the two shared the same ancestors 25 million years ago.
The word Koala is an Aboriginal word for “no drink”. Whilst they obtain quite a lot [...]

Didane the Koala (folklore)

Back in the Dreamtime, the rugged Carnarvon area was a very hot, dry place. There were no trees or bushes, and no grass.
When the first people arrived, the country seemed new and strange, with narrow gorges and the towering sandstone cliffs of Boodyadella, the main dividing range. The people came to love these craggy ranges, [...]

Or did he lose his tail another way? (folklore)

In the last post…we shared one theory of how the koala lost its tail…here is another.
During a drought the animals noted that Koala never seemed to suffer from thirst. Suspecting he had concealed a supply of water for his own use and was unwilling to share with others, they searched high and low. Various birds [...]

Intestinal Fortitude (folklore)

It had been raining for days and weeks and months and years. The water ran down the hills, forming creeks and rivers that flowed across the plains and collected in the hollows. The water rose almost imperceptibly, lapping gently at the feet of the hills. As the deepest depressions were filled with waters that grew [...]

The Mighty Koala Advisor…(folklore)

At one time the Kulin were in the habit of skinning the koalas prior to cooking them, as they did with all their other animals. The koalas resented this treatment, and resolved to be revenged upon the Kulin. One day, when all the people were away from their camp, the koalas seized all the tarnuks, [...]