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Koalas ARE in danger

Conservationists take Federal Environment Minister of Australia, Peter Garrett, to task on his campaign promises of ensuring the koala would be protected through legislation. As with many politicians it would seem, so far, Mr. Garrett is all talk and no action. There has been no new legisilation presented or adopted to protect the koala since his election. Now, conservationists want him to put-up or shut-up. They have written a strongly-worded letter reminding him of his campaign promises. Their hope is that he will upgrade the status of the marsupial to “vulnerable” and thusly, ensure he is protected by law.

The koala is in danger because of habit-loss, fires, random violent weirdos, domestic animals (bad ubu!) and limited access to food.

Just exactly how much can a koala bear?

Source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24406229-421,00.html

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