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Koalas and Kangaroos, Oh My!

Koalas and kangaroos are two of the favorite things to see when visiting Australia. These two animals are like mascots for the great down under. Many people have written about how the koala and kangaroo are different but let’s examine how the koala and kangaroo are similar.

  • Koalas and kangaroos both live in Australia.
  • Koalas and kangaroos start with the letter K.
  • Koalas and kangaroos can have more than one baby but generally only have one a season.
  • A koala baby is called a joey. A kangaroo baby is called a joey.
  • Koalas and kangaroos are marsupials.
  • Koalas and kangaroos both eat leaves.
  • Koalas and kangaroos both have pouches.
  • Koala and kangaroo parents both digest the food before feeding it to their young.
  • Neither koalas nor kangaroos mate for life.

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