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Tiny joey koala feeding

That may have been the cutest video on the whole of the internet! Little Tinkerbell was being fed after being rescued from the Koala Hospital in Port Macquerie, New South Wales. 
The Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia, is the world’s first hospital dedicated solely to the care and preservation of koalas. The Hospital has a [...]

Koalas Losing Habitat Quickly

Koala Bear, originally uploaded by cewoldt.
BULLDOZERS rolled in to some of the last remaining koala habitats on the South Coast yesterday, marking the start of what police fear could be a divisive logging operation.
After reading yesterday that we made up some ground in this fight for suitable habitat areas with the 1200 fodder tree [...]

Slow down for Koalas!

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that in excess of 5,000 koalas are killed each year from land clearing, dog attack and being hit by cars. In the state of Queensland approximately 1,500 Koalas are admitted to hospital each year. Thirty to forty percent of admissions are estimated to be due to road related incidents, the [...]

Koalas ARE in danger

Conservationists take Federal Environment Minister of Australia, Peter Garrett, to task on his campaign promises of ensuring the koala would be protected through legislation. As with many politicians it would seem, so far, Mr. Garrett is all talk and no action. There has been no new legisilation presented or adopted to protect the koala since [...]

Save the Koala Day! (September 26th)

Happy Save the Koala Day!
You can help save the koala by supporting the Australian Koala Foundation. You can do this by donating money, buying products or fund raising. Come on, you know you want to help these little cute critters. Who better to help? =)
If you raise $200 or more for the AKF, you will [...]


The AKF runs an annual fund raising campaign called Save the Koala Month each September. Save the Koala Day is held on the last Friday of that month. People from all over the world are encouraged to help sell Save the Koala Month merchandise such as temporary tattoos, stickers and badges, whether as individuals, businesses [...]